Growing Stronger Together.

1440 Foods is playing a critical part in unleashing your potential and building a healthier community.

To Inspire

Building mental strength that complements the physical. Motivating others to make better choices. To do more, achieve more.

To Energize

Functional is our function, elevating everyday nutrition to feed the body and energize the will.

To Build

Building an ever-expanding community of engaged health-conscious consumers, spanning forms, need states, and day parts from busy on-the-go nutrition all the way to peak performance.

Our Evolution

We are the former sports and active nutrition division of The Bountiful Company. As people increasingly look for healthy snacking options, we take the notion of ‘every minute counts’ (yes, there are 1440 minutes in a day!) to a deeper level by offering great-tasting products that help people in their search for a healthier lifestyle. Our sports and active nutrition portfolio combines powerful and complementary growth brands.

Meet the team building
tomorrow, today.


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Jordan Arma

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VP of Marketing and Innovation
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Danillo Figueiredo

VP Supply Chain & Operations
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VP Sales & Corporate Strategy
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General Manager, Canada
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Gui Santos

Gui Santos

VP of Value Creation and Internal Operations
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Board of Directors

Alex Medicis

Executive Chairman of the Board
Co-founder and Partner, 4×4 Capital
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Azania Andrews

Chief Executive Officer, 1440 Foods
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Sandro Leite

Operating Partner of 4×4 Capital
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Lara Krug

Chief Marketing Officer at Kansas City Chiefs
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David Moran

Co-founder and Chairman, Eversight
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Chad Yoes

Board Member, 1440 Foods
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